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Recent E-Cigarette and Vaping Media Attention

Over the last few weeks vaping and e-cigarettes have been front and center in the news following the tragic deaths and multiple hospitalizations of some of our American cousins.  In a recently posted news article there have been seven confirmed deaths attributed to "vaping related illness", however the exact cause is unknown.

At PEER we follow GMP guidelines for the manufacturing of all our products. All of our ingredients are sourced from reputable vendors who's ingredients are approved by the US' Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, none of our products contain any of the prohibited items listed in the Canadian 

In an article on the evidence for the "vaping related illness" seems to point THC cartridges with non-approved additives which may be the culprit.

As it relates a little closer to home here in Canada, CBC had an interview with  Dr. Chris Mackie, where the article says: 

"We know very little about the long-term health effects associated with e-cigarettes, but our findings so far are enough to convince us of the need to advise the public," Mackie said.
Mackie did caution that it's impossible to 100 per cent confirm the youth's illness was caused by vaping, but said there was no other evidence to suggest it was caused by something else. 

It should also be noted that despite what many industry people have said,  vaping has not proven to be a safer alternative to cigarette smoking and the long term effects from vaping are still unknown. If you haven't vaped or smoked before, the best option to not impact your health would be to NEVER START VAPING OR SMOKING in the first place.

This is a critical junction for our industry.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail when it comes to legislation put forward.